2. Revision History

Date Description Author
2023/12/21 Bumped version to 3.1.4 doggie
2023/12/20 Storage API changed to be more like localStorage doggie
2022/12/30 Added Quickstart guide doggie
2022/08/19 Added Fullscreen API doggie
2022/05/12 Changed APIs for video ads where argument placement_id was added doggie
2022/04/27 Updated python example for python2 compatibility doggie
2021/07/13 Added parameters server_id and character_id to character creation API doggie
2021/04/26 Updated code for importing the SDK doggie
2021/03/23 Bumped version to 3.0.7 doggie
2021/01/14 Added APIs for opening the community website doggie
2021/01/14 Added 160x600 as the dimensions of carousel ads doggie
2020/12/31 Added APIs for showing login prompt for demo users doggie
2020/12/31 Bumped version to 3.0.6 doggie
2020/12/11 Deprecated 250x250 and 200x200 from valid dimensions of carousel ads doggie
2020/12/02 Added warnings for video ads shall only be triggered by user interactions doggie
2020/09/30 Added APIs for reporting game progress doggie
2020/09/28 Added cooldown period between video ads doggie
2020/09/28 Added fullscreen option for displaying video ads doggie
2020/09/22 Remove supports for http. Only https is supported for all APis doggie
2020/08/31 Added APIs for reporting character creation doggie
2020/07/29 Bumped version to 3.0.5 doggie
2020/07/28 Added APIs for leaderboard doggie
2020/07/22 Added APIs for user and game storage doggie
2020/05/21 Added several new dimensions for carousel ads doggie
2020/05/07 Added examples for java and python doggie
2020/04/30 Added APIs for guest mode doggie
2020/04/09 Added APIs for video ads doggie
2019/12/30 Added APIs for carousel ads doggie
2019/12/27 Added APIs for invite and share doggie
2019/04/23 Initialized Yu Wei Chang

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