4. Introduction

The SDK provides APIs for games to integrate the member system, payment system, and advertisement system of Wakool platform.

Sample code
The APIs mentioned in this document is demonstrated at the following URL:


If you don't have a LINE account, you may refer to the link below:


※Because some functions are for LINE users only, not all functions work on the second link.

4.1. Game types

One important distinction of games is whether it requires backend servers in order to play.

  • Pure client games:
    no server is needed.
  • Online games:
    required servers to function, able to validate login or purchase data signature.

Depends on which type the game belongs to the process of integrating the SDK will be different. The most significant differences are that pure client games not being able to accept server-to-server callback, thus the payment system is not supported.

Pure client games Online games
Login Import SDK

SDK loaded callback


Verify the signature of initial data

Import SDK

Manually initialize SDK (optional)

SDK loaded callback

Purchase Purchase not supported Login

Listen purchase events

Call purchase API

Accept purchase callback
Ads Ads partially supported
(Display wall & Ads callback won't be provided without a server)

Show Display wall, video Ads, or Carousel

Accept Ads callback

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